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When will I be able to return to work?

This varies with each patient. In general, patients usually do not return to work until after their first check-up at 6 weeks from surgery. Some patients do return to work earlier if they can do so safely. This should be discussed with your physician so that the best decision for your individual situation is made.

When will I be able to participate in sports activities?

Depending upon what activity you want to participate in will determine when you can start these again. Swimming, walking distances (hiking), bicycle riding, golfing, and other low impact sports activities can likely be tried after a few weeks. Returning to high impact activities such as jogging, tennis, or aerobics exercises will probably not be recommended for quite some time. Your return to any of these activities should be discussed with your surgeon.

When will I be able to have sexual intercourse after my surgery?

In most cases, sexual activities can be resumed when the patient feels comfortable enough to do so. If the patient has been cautioned to maintain certain position restrictions, these restrictions will need to be followed in this instance also. In general, most patients resume their normal sexual activities between 4-6 weeks following surgery.

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