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Are there any medicines I need to take before surgery?

It is recommended that patients take an iron supplement prior to surgery particularly if you will be donating your own blood. These supplements may be purchased at any drugstore or recommended by your family physician.

Are there medications I need to stop taking before surgery?

Most medications may be taken up to the day of surgery. If you are currently taking an anti-inflammatory medication containing aspirin, this should be discontinued two weeks prior to surgery unless you are instructed otherwise by your physician. These medications tend to act as blood thinners and this is the reason for recommending discontinuing them.

Blood thinning medications such as Coumadin or aspirin are also discontinued prior to surgery. However, the exact times of discontinuing these medications are made on an individualized basis and should be checked with your personal physician for the correct method regarding this.

How long will I be in the hospital?

For joint replacement surgery, most patients are hospitalized 4 days, including the day of surgery. This may vary if the patient is either going to a rehabilitation center, a sub-acute facility, or not cleared medically or surgically for discharge home.

PLEASE BE ADVISED Most insurance covers 3-4 days of acute care in the hospital for total knee replacement surgery. Some insurances do provide for further care in several other types of facilities. It is advisable for each patient to contact their health insurance provider for specific programs covered and to obtain these provisions in writing.

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