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What should I bring to the hospital?

All patients should bring with them personal toiletries and shaving gear, loose fitting COMFORTABLE clothing; non-skid shoes or slippers (slip-on type with closed back preferred), a list of their current medications (including dosages), and any paperwork the hospital may have requested.

PLEASE BE ADVISED The hospital provides pajamas, gowns, robes, slipper socks, and a small toiletries supply. Most patients, however, do supplement these with the articles outlined above, at least in terms of toiletries.

In addition, if you have an assistive device that you plan to use after discharge (i.e. walker, cane, crutches) but are not currently using, you should have someone bring this in prior to discharge so the physical therapist can check to assure that it is the adequate size for you.

DO NOT BRING radios, TV's, or large amounts of cash.

When should I arrive at the hospital for my surgery?

Patients are requested to arrive at the hospital 2 HOURS prior to the scheduled surgery time. This allows time for you to go through the admission process, change into hospital clothing, meet the anesthesiologist and nursing personnel who will be with you during your surgery, and get any questions pertaining to this process answered.

PLEASE BE ADVISED You should have nothing by mouth from midnight on the day of your surgery. In some cases you may be allowed to take a medication the morning of surgery. If this is the case, you should take the medication with the least amount of water necessary. Report to the admitting nurse any medications (and dosage) you may have taken.

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