Patient Information

Can my family stay with me during this time?

Families may stay with patients until the patient is taken to the operating room.

Will anyone contact me before surgery to discuss any concerns I may have?

The orthopaedic surgery patients are followed throughout their experience by a case manager. This is an R.N. who is familiar with our routines and procedures. The case manager's role is to assist the patient in planning for discharge, answer any questions the patient may have in terms of their case, and provide a supportive link throughout the patient's surgical experience. You will be contacted by the case manager prior to your surgery and assisted in planning for your individualized case management. The case manager also will schedule you to attend a pre-operative class in which you and your family members will receive instruction for each phase of your surgical experience. The classes are held on a rotating weekly schedule for total hip and total knee patients and are highly recommended. By attending class, both you and your case manager are better able to plan for your upcoming surgical experience.

Day of Surgery
What type of anesthesia will I have?

Most of our cases are performed under spinal anesthesia. We feel this is the safest anesthesia for you and unless there is a recommendation from the anesthesiologist, this is the method preferred. You will be meeting with the anesthesiologist on the day of surgery and at that time any questions or concerns regarding this will be addressed.

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