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What can I expect the first few days after discharge?

Expect a time of transition. You may feel overwhelmed the 1st day or two after discharge and may even feel you've made a mistake coming home so soon. This may occur even after discharge from a rehab or sub-acute floor. Be patient, and give yourself some time to adjust. Many patients report that after the 1st day or two of practical problem solving and establishing a routine, they experience a change in their progress and notice a definite upward trend to their recuperation.

During this phase of discharge, usually within the 1st 24-72 hours after discharge, you will receive a telephone check-up from your case manager. You will be asked several questions to establish your progress and whether your post-discharge home or out patient therapies have been started. This phone call also allows you to ask any questions or voice concerns regarding your home situation so they can be addressed.

Do I need someone to stay full-time with me when I go home?

It is our recommendation that someone be with you the first 24-72 hours after discharge. Many patients do live alone and we realize this is not always possible. But if you have a relative or a friend who offers to stay with you, take this offer for your own ease of mind. Many times patients have family members or friends who stay with them all day in the hospital. While this is certainly welcomed, it is often more helpful that this person be available after you leave the hospital. If you do live alone and either are discharged from rehab or from the orthopaedic floor with no help available at home, perhaps a friend or neighbor can call you daily to check on your progress. In addition, if home care has been arranged, these visits usually can be arranged so that someone is checking on you daily. The case manager will be discussing options available for your particular circumstances, and together you will develop a discharge plan which addresses your particular situation.

When can I go up and down stairs?

Stairclimbing will be practiced in the physical therapy program before you leave the hospital. Most patients can climb stairs before leaving the hospital. If you live in a 2 story home and have practiced stairclimbing, stairs can be done one to two times a day after discharge depending upon your needs and your comfort level.

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