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Will I need pain medicine after I'm discharged from the hospital?

Most patients do require a short term course of pain medicine. Renewals on these prescriptions can be obtained by calling our offices. Expect to be on some type of pain medication for several weeks after discharge. Most patients take these medications especially at night or before therapy sessions.

How long will I need to use my walker or crutches?

Walkers and/or crutches are used the 1st 6 weeks after surgery. You then will be allowed to use a cane which again will be for 6 weeks. After that time, most patients do not need any support for walking.

When can I go outside?

From the physician's aspect, you may go outside at any time. Comfort and safety should be the primary guidelines for doing this. We suggest starting with short trips at first, perhaps to therapy or church. Gradually increase the number and length of outside activities as you feel more comfortable.

When can I drive?

Driving routinely is not permitted before 6 weeks from the time of your surgery. However, some physicians will allow the patient to drive earlier if they feel the patient can do so safely. The type of surgery, side of surgery (left vs. right leg), and the patients overall general condition plays a part in this decision.

If you feel you will need to drive earlier than the 6 week routine prescribed, you should discuss this with your surgeon and obtain his approval.

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