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Shoreline Orthopedics and Sports Medicine specializes in treatment of injuries to bones, muscles and joints.  Our goal as orthopaedic physicians is to treat patients with compassion and respect, with an emphasis on getting patients back to their normal, active lifestyle.  This is often accomplished with medicine, joint-specific exercises and minimally invasive surgical techniques.  Surgery is not often necessary, but when it is, we offer the latest advances in orthopaedic surgery.  The physicians at Shoreline Orthopedics and Sports Medicine specialize in minimally invasive techniques, such as arthroscopy of the shoulder, wrist, ankle and knee; minimally invasive arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery; endoscopic carpal tunnel release; minimally invasive total joint replacement surgery and fracture surgery.  As doctors of Middlesex Hospital, we have access to the latest orthopaedic technology and award winning Magnet nursing care.

In addition, we have our own physical therapy department designed to help the injured athlete or patient back to their active lifestyle as quickly as possible.  Our physical therapy department is located in the same building as our physician offices, which fosters important communication between the therapist and the physician.  Our therapy department offers the newest dynamic exercise equipment, ultrasound and whirlpool treatments.

Shoreline Orthopedics and Sports Medicine has been serving the Connecticut Shoreline for over l5 years.  We pride ourselves on community service, easy accessibility and expert medical training.  We understand that patients need to be seen soon after injury to maximize care.  As a result, our medical staff is acutely aware of the need to schedule patients in a timely fashion. 

Located in Essex, Connecticut, we are easily accessible from I-95 and the Southeastern Connecticut coastline.  Please call us at 860-767-9053 to schedule an appointment, or if we can answer any questions regarding your orthopaedic care.

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